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Plays Soothing Sounds

Calming Otter can be customized easily to find the perfect combination of soothing sounds that work best for your dog. With up to 30mins of sounds including white noise, womb, snoring, or heartbeat, it is the perfect way to wind down your furry friend.

Choose from soothing music, authentic heartbeat, and gentle breathing sounds to create a peaceful environment that melts away stress.

Otter dreams calms with sound but also sets the mood with ambient light, creating atranquil atmosphere wherever you are.

Turns On With The Touch Of A Button

Activate the soothing vibes effortlessly! Whether it’s adjusting the volume, selecting a comforting sound, or turning it on with the touch of a button, creating a calming environment for your furry friend is as easy as it gets.

Take It With You Anywhere

Our Calming Otter is compact and lightweight for easy portability, making it convenient for travel, vet visits, or introducing your dog to new environments. Ensuring that your pup never feels out of place no matter where you go!

Ideal for little ones too!

This isn’t just for adults! Otter Dreams is the perfect companion for your baby as  well. Specially designed to promote better sleep, calmness and safe play for your toddler.

Choose from relaxing music or soothing sounds (including white noise, womb, snoring, or heartbeat sounds), adjust the volume, and control the soft light to help your baby sleep soundly.

Versatile Stress Relief

Whether at home, in the office, or during travel, Sleeping otter adapts to your lifestyle, providing instant stress relief whenever you need it. Let Sleeping otter create a serene bedtime routine with its calming features, helping you ease into arestful night’s sleep